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Windsurfers On Tour
The best spot for true lovers of water activities with a convenient entrance to the sea. Here you can rent everything you need for almost any kind of water sport, get quality instruction, and after the ride enjoy a beautiful view.

When renting a SUP board for an hour +20 minutes as a gift using promocode IT MAP

Archaeological site of Amathous

The historical heritage of the island, the ruins of a once majestic city. Today, you can literally touch the past and take beautiful panoramic photos of the island if you climb higher.

Limassol Castle — Cyprus Medieval Museum

Richard the Lionheart, the Templar Order, the Ottomans and the Venetian domination — Limassol Castle has been through it all. Today, you can easily immerse yourself in the history of the Middle Ages by taking a leisurely stroll around its small territory. Be sure to go up to the roof, it's worth it!
The most relevant theater festival with the participation of world stars. Productions by Kirill Serebrennikov and Ivan Vyrypayev, John Malkovich and a musical trio, and much more with a 10% discount using promocode WILDLY10.
Are you ready to unleash your demon with Morgenstern?
His show is more than music: fire lighting effects, bass that blasts through, and energy you can touch with your hands.

10% off with promocode BOOSTIT10 (online and for the first 30 people only).
BEONIX pre-party, ETKO | 25.05
Unforgettable night on 25th May at ETKO! Line-up: Adana Twins, Human Rias, Kosta Kritikos, Pan b2b Pazzi set, CinCity, Hyenah, Raise and Niksu. Melodic house with indie sounds, unique visualisations on the screens and a rousing festival atmosphere for true electronic music fans.

15% discount with promocode Itmap15 (online only).
Garden Session, ETKO | 20.04
Get ready for a rousing evening on April 20, from 6:00pm to 00:00am, at Garden Session part3, hosted by ETKO. It's not just a party — it's an explosion of tropical vibes, innovative live performances and a kaleidoscope of electronic rhythms. 30% off with the code forfriends (EXPIRED).
TIC — Tech Internals Conf | 19.04
The biggest conference for developers of complex and high load systems has finally come to Limassol. To ease the way to the far away venue (City of Dream Mediterrian Hotel or simply COD) we organized a free shuttle from it to Molos (EXPIRED).
tips & hints
Bus route 30
Perhaps the only tourist-friendly public transportation in the world. Its route runs through the whole city along the waterfront, it runs every 23 minutes, and costs only 1.5€ (pay in cash, prepare in advance, large bills are not accepted, and Cypriot drivers are tough guys).
Port of Limassol
Not only is it the parking place for the most beautiful yachts on the island, but it's also the best starting point for walking your daily norm of steps along the coast along the Molos. The views will keep you from getting bored and you'll discreetly cover all the activity rings. And after your walk, you can relax in one of the cafes on the seafront.
Enaerios Pier
A lovely pier going out to sea. A great spot to hang out on the water, watch the sunset and take some photos like a tourist. We love to get ice cream at Columbia Pier and go to the far end of the pier with it.

Dasoudi Park

A lovely park along the shoreline, where the sea air mixes with the scent of eucalyptus trees, which can also help you escape the scorching sun. The beach is usually crowded because it has the most convenient entrance to the sea within the city. But we advise you to drive a little further and rest on Malindi beach.
BioSelect Shop
Souvenirs that you are not ashamed of. This is a small natural care cosmetics and eco-gift store in the center of the old town. Amazing soaps, creams, essential oils and much more.

promocode: IT MAP for 10% off

Froutopia Fruits Exhibition Corner

It's orange season in Cyprus - at other times oranges are very sour, but it's April when we recommend trying orange freeshes wherever you can. We also recommend trying seasonal tangerines, grapefruit, melon, strawberries and medlar (they are almost like apricots, but more watery). You can buy all of these just about anywhere, but we fervently love and recommend the Froutopia Fruits Exhibition Corner.
Pharmacy of the day
Wednesday afternoons, weekends and nights have one thing in common — the difficulty of finding an open pharmacy on the island. You can find a selection of places to rely on, depending on the day you choose, at the link.
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